Education for girls in Mexico

Gender equality has been a hot potato in Mexico in which girls have been experiencing abuse or violence at work, home or during the process of migration which is really not something that normal girl should experience in their everyday life.

Despite this high rate of abuse, there are institutions and companies that respect the value of women. For instance, Puerto Vallarta’s Agave Villas girls are treated equally. No discrimination, only respect for one another and working together towards providing better customer service.

To address this concern, experts made a research and discovered that with the number of population of girls, only a few of them are able to study up to the age of 14. At the age of 15 and above the number of girls who continued to study and was able to find a work had decreased potentially which is why most of them are experiencing abuse from other people.

What causes this kind of decrease? Was it financial matters? Or are there other reasons behind?

Compared to other countries there are some things that make Mexico different when it comes to gender equality and helping people in some aspects such as Education.

  • Famous people such as international stars are investing money to help in funding education for girls but not in Mexico
  • There are several enterprises willing to help in expanding and improving education in Mexico but are not intended for girls.
  • Designed educational platforms are limited for girls in Mexico, the department of education focus instead in developing Science and Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. Besides, they as well give big attention to skills that can be enhanced more like leadership skills and empowerment

Apart from these, girls at a young age are getting pregnant and married at a very young age which must be avoided as much as possible for it can ruin their future and dreams as well as harmful for their health.

For this reason, there should be equality in gender, specifically in education. A different strategy must be applied to be able to attain this goal. Girls deserve to achieve their dreams and have equal rights as the opposite sex.